Private Investors


Private Investors

Patient Capital Management manages segregated portfolios on behalf of Individuals and their Corporations and Trusts. Our dedication to our unique Absolute Value Investment philosophy has provided excellent long term-returns with low levels of risk for our clients, some of whom have been with us since our founding in 2000. We focus on providing investment counsel to our clients and ensuring that our clients’ goals and objectives are being met through their investment portfolios. Our clients’ segregated portfolios allow us to manage their assets in accordance with their needs, circumstances and tax situation.

In order to ensure that our interests are aligned with those of our clients’ all Patient Capital principals and staff must invest their capital along with our clients’ assets. We are committed to outstanding client service. All of our clients have direct access to our Portfolio Managers and Principals. Our objective is to promptly respond to our clients’ communication and our focus is on meeting your needs and those of your other advisors such as accountants and lawyers.

Building Private Client Portfolios

Each client relationship begins with a thorough discussion and assessment of investment requirements based on their individual or organizational profile. Return requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation, liquidity requirements, legal issues and unique preferences are assessed and incorporated into an Investment Policy Statement. We then create portfolios based on the stated objectives. Since circumstances continually change, the Investment Policy Statement document is reviewed periodically with the client and revised as required.

In building our clients’ portfolios we employ an investment philosophy that focuses on an uncompromising dedication to Absolute Value. We will purchase only those investments that meet our very strict criteria for value and our very high standards for quality. In circumstances where we cannot find investments that meet these very strict requirements we invest the proceeds in very safe and liquid Government of Canada fixed income securities. This approach has resulted in above average long term returns with substantially less risk. Just as importantly, our clients tell us that our investment approach makes them very comfortable. They rest assured that their capital is well protected while their portfolios continue to grow to meet their current and future needs.

Investment Management Fees

First two million dollars of assets under administration 1.25% annually
Next three million dollars ($2 to $5 million) 1.00%
Greater than five million dollars Negotiable
Fees Charged Quarterly and In Arrears
Excludes Custodian Fees and Applicable Taxes
Minimum Assets $1,000,000*

*applicable in aggregate to a family group of accounts