Institutional Clients

Institutional Clients

Corporations, Foundations, Family Offices, Pension Plans and Funds have unique goals and requirements.

Patient Capital Management offers a customized portfolio to satisfy the goals of your mandate, comprising of North American Equities and ADRs. The objective is to construct a portfolio of high quality companies trading at a substantial discount to their intrinsic value while minimizing the potential for the permanent loss of capital.

The concentrated portfolio allows for diversification while providing the potential for each investment to add a substantial return to the overall portfolio. In addition, a focused portfolio allows PCM’s portfolio managers to carry out in depth analysis of each investment and thoroughly understand each security holding.

The investment process is extremely disciplined and repeatable. In addition, the portfolios hold medium and large capitalization companies. The combination of a disciplined, repeatable process and very liquid investments makes the process highly scalable.

Patient Capital Management strongly believes in transparency in all areas of its operations and portfolio management process. Access to all information is available at all times to clients. We also believe that you should have direct access to the portfolio managers and encourage both formal and informal contact and meetings.

We can manage your assets within an arrangement the best suites your organization:
• Segregated managed accounts;
• Sub-advisor under the direction of the Manager;
• A model portfolio to be managed within your organization.

Portfolio Minimum: $5,000,000
Access to all information all the time.